Super Star Poker Players

Whether you think you are pretty good at poker or you are just starting, the thought of coming a star player hits us all at some stage. Being a star poker player however is no different from being a Rockstar, Football or Basketball star. People pay to see you play and companies shower you with sponsorships. Is it skill, talent or just luck? . Who knows for sure? But what we do know is that its is just as rare to make it in Poker as it is to make it in Hollywood. Here are some of the legendary poker players who have “made it”.

10 – Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan is the record holder of the biggest pot ever won in a recorded live game of poker at about $1.1 million, during the fourth season of Million Dollar Cash Game. The previous record which was $919,000, was also held by Dwan, in the fith season of High Stakes Poker.
His total tournament winnings are $1,150,853, not bad for a 23-year-old! His screen name is Durrrr / Hold_emNL, he is considered one of the best online poker players, and even one of the best live poker players!

9 – Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius started a profession in poker in 2002. He has earned seven WPT Cash Finishes, 11 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Cash Finishes and even an honourable European Poker Tour (EPT) Title. Patrik, as skilfull he may be, is also proud to be regarded as one of the most handsome poker players!  Patrik is also a great tennis player and golfer! He is known as Black Lotus and The Fin. He has won $2,861,030 in his tournaments.

8 – Erik Seidel

Erik Seidel, nicknamed Sly has earned a whopping $10,188,613 in tournament winnings. He finished second in his first major tournament, the 1988 WSOP Championship Event.  He managed to win eight bracelets in five games, only four poker champs have won more bracelets then Erik. 

7– Scotty Nguyen

Scotty, aka the Prince of Poker, is the only payer ever to achieve a final table in every WPT season.  His screen name is “Noo limit” and he has earned over $4,019,022 in tournament winnings.  He is one of the most feared and beloved players. He has cashed in over a dozen WPT tournaments and around forty WSOP events.

6 – Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson is the guy with the amazing ability, to throw a playing card over 10 feet and slice a carrot in half! His total tournament winnings are $8,032,899. In 2008, he won the National Heads-up Poker Championship. He is known as “Jesus” because of his hair and beard. He has won five WSOP bracelets, three WSOP Circuit championship rings and has made 25 WSOP final tables! He is know as one of the worlds most skilful players.

5 – Johnny Chan

Chan, considered one of the most well-rounded players in poker, has won the champion ship event of the world series of poker, two years in a row! 1987 and 1988. He has won 10 WSOP bracelets and over $8,300,591 in tournament winnings.  Jonny Chan is nicknamed “The Orient Express” 

4 – Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson, is nicknamed “The Godfather of Poker”  he was the first champion to win the WSOP Main event consecutively. He authored many books about poker. He was the first to gain over $1 million in poker tournaments  and has ever won 10 WSOP bracelets.  He says that retirement will come when he quits winning. Doyle is over 76 years old, he is nicknamed the Texas Dolly and is one of the most influential forces in poker. 

3 – Phill Hellmuth

Phill Hellmuth is nicknamed “The Poker Brat” his screen name is PHILHELLMUCH/#1_Lucky_One he has one over  $11,326,126 in tournament winnings. He holds a record of 11 WSOP bracelets. He has set records for most WSOP cashes at 68 and most final tables at 41. He was the youngest person ever to win a WSOP main event and he won against Jonny Chan in 1989 when he was 24. Every one of his WSOP wins have come from Texas Hold em events. 

2 – Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu, nicknamed “Kid Poker” has earned over $12,583,677 in tournament winnings. He has four WSOP bracelets plus two WPT titles. He is considered the most “liked” player in the poker world. He was the “Poker Ambassador” when the Wynn in Las Vegas was opened, that meant that he would play for any stakes in the poker room. He was given the title “Favourite Poker Player” in 2006 and has tutored for Poker School Online, and even tought celebrities to play poker such as Tobey Maguire.  He is one of the all time money leaders. Negreanu is Canadian and known to be very friendly. 

1 – Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey, also known as “The Tiger Woods of Poker or No Home Jerome” with the screen names “Phil Ivey / Joe Buttons” has earned over $ 12,829,989 in tournament winnings. Phil has earned seven WSOP bracelets and one WPT title. He is listed as first in the world of the all time money winners. He is considered the best poker player today.



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