The Top 5 Most Exciting Poker Games

5 – Crazy PineappleCrazy Pineapple is a poker game similar to Texas hold’em, players are three cards each and betting is completed in the dark. Players must get rid of one of their hole cards after the flop of three cards to keep betting. This variation has been becoming popular at casinos all around.

4 – Deuce-to-Seven Triple DrawTo play this variation of poker each player is dealt five cards, there is a betting round after the first five cards are dealt and every player is allowed to draw to a better hand or stay the same. The players are able to draw 3 times with betting before drawing. Players showdown with the lowest hand winning.

3– Badugito play Badugi every player is dealt four cards face down. The best possible hand a player can get is A-2-3-4 of different suits. Badugi is four non paired cards of different suits, paired cards go against a player, and if no player has Badugi the best three cards low hand wins.
2 – Four-up, Three Down (seven card Stud)Sever Card stud is version of lowball in which the suits of the cards play a big part in the game. Players are dealt two hole cards and one face up, followed by a round of betting in which the highest card exposed initiates the round. Players are then dealt three more cards face up one at a time, followed by around of betting after each card. The very last card is dealt face down with another round of betting, followed by the showdown with the best five-card poker hand possible.

1 – Texas Hold’em – The King of Poker GamesTexas Hold’Em is currently the kind of all poker. It would be impossible to find a poker player who has not played a game of Texas Hold’em. To play the king of all poker games each player is dealt two cards face down. Followed by a betting round and a flop of three cards. Another round of betting occurs after the flop and after the turn and the river, which is when two community cards are dealt face up. After the river there is a final round of betting before the showdown with the best five-card poker hand announced as the champion.
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