The Top 5 Poker Crimes

We have all had temptations to cheat in a poker match, or wondered what would happen if we did.
In light of the recent Black Friday we have put together a list with 5 of the biggest and the most stupid crimes in poker history.

• 5 – Grand Rapids Poker Club
unless for charity or by a regulated casino, gambling is illegal in Michigan. The grand rapids poker club released public fliers and even advertised on craigslist telling people it was all legal.  After the police had tracked them down ( very easily ) they found a host of topless women dealing out the cards for the illegal poker session. 20 gamblers had been arrested.

• 4 – Online Casino Cyber Attacks
A South Korean web hosting company is accused of organising a series of cyber attacks on a collection of rival illegal online casinos.  From November 21st to November 15th the head of the server company and a hacker working for a crime gang which owned a gambling site, organised DDoS attacks ( Denial of Service attacks ) to 109 rival online casinos each day.  Many members of the gang were arrested in connection with the crime.

• 3 -  Laser Phone Scams
two Hungarian women and 2 serbian men had won over £1.2 from the the Ritz Casino in London. They used a very complex system involving lasers, mobile phones and computers. They were able to detect the speed of the wheel to find out which numbers had the most chance of winning. A judge later had decided that this technique was not against the law, the men and women were able to keep the 1.4 million pounds with no charges.

• 2 – Essam Ahmed Eid
Essam Ahmed Eid was a dealer in the Bellagio Poker Room who started a company called ‘Hitman for Hire’ which even had a website called (inaccessible) a woman from Ireland called Sharon Collins, had hired him to kill her rich lover and his two sons, Eid had received a down payment and flew to Ireland with a different plan. He decides to break into the lovers office and steal two computers, and returns one of them telling the man that there was a contract on his life and that he needed to pay $150,000 to avoid it. The son contacts the police and Eid is arrested.

• 1 – Largest Indian Casino Heist
Rolando Luda Ramos of san jacinto performed the biggest Indian casino robbery to date at $1.58 million. Ramos and his getaway driver, Eric Allen Magdaleno Aguilera, had been charged with three accounts of kidnapping to comit robbery and also three accounts of robbery and unlawful use of tear gas. Ramos managed to disable many security cameras before the heist.  He had two security guards escort him into the surveillance room where he tied up two men and a woman, pepper spraying one of the men. He then made his way to the vault and loaded a bag with the money, 72 hours later he was arrested

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