Online Poker at Christmas: 10 Things to do to get into the Festive Spirit

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1. Change your online name.  Holly Bush, Miss Eltoe, Sir Santa Claus, Mincing Pyze, Yool Tide? How about calling yourself one of Santa’s reindeer’s names? Dancer? Rudolf? Prancer? Or maybe a pun on the game- Instead of Texas hold em, how about Omaho-ho-ho?

2. Play with a few friends around getting into the Christmas Spirit. Get out the mince pies, warm up the Glu-wein or have a shot of green ginger wine and whiskey, pull the crackers, get the paper hats on, and have a ball!

3. Buy your friends poker-related Christmas gifts- such as personalized poker chips. Depending on your budget and the type you order, the look and feel of the chips can be exactly the same as professional ones found in casinos. In some cases, you may be able to get wording as well as an image emblazoned on them.

4. Play “Merry Christmas Poker” which is similar to Pass the Trash poker. Unlike traditional Pass the Trash Poker, this version is played with seven cards instead of five. That limits the number of players in Merry Christmas Poker to seven players. Deal seven cards face down to each player. Once all the players have received their face-down cards, each player may view his own cards. Conduct a betting round, with the player to the left of the dealer being the first player to bet. Instruct each player to pass three cards to the player to the left. Conduct a second betting round, with the player two seats to the left of the dealer being the first player to bet. Instruct each player to pass two cards to the player to his left. Conduct a third betting round. This time, the player three seats to the left of the dealer is the player who makes the first bet. Instruct each player to pass one card to the player to the left. Conduct a final betting round. This time, it is begun by the player four seats to the left of the dealer. Each player now shows his cards and declares his hand. The pot is split between the player with the best poker hand and the player who is seated immediately to that player’s right.

5. Change your online avatar to something Christmassy, like a gift box, a Reindeer, a jolly Santa or Christmas fairy/angel.

6. Give a tip to a fellow poker player as a Christmas present, and hope to get a useful one back! That may mean letting an online player you regularly play with that they have a betting trait which you have spotted that can undermine their game. Or telling a player that you play with live that they scratch their nose when they are bluffing.

7. Write a letter to Santa…Open the sock hanging up over your hearth on Christmas morning and find inside a quality which is going to help your poker game. That might be patience, a stone-face, or perhaps voice-training to eliminate any trace of emotion in your voice that might give away your emotions when declaring a raise or a pass.

8. Decorate your Christmas tree with Poker-related items, such as playing cards, or betting chips.

9. In your Poker chat room, share those dreadful jokes you get inside Christmas Crackers. See who can provide the worst, most unfunny one.

10. Teach someone the game of Poker as a Christmas Present. Take an hour or two to explain the rules and show the best hands. Not only will you be helping someone into the world of Poker, you never know, you may come up against them in an online Poker game and you’ll have an advantage in that you’ll know their traits!

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