Poker Bonus – How To Get The Best Poker Bonus Online

Ever wondered how Poker Bonusses like the above work? Well wonder no longer, here is how it goes.

How do poker bonuses work?

With the explosion of poker prize winnings online came the explosion of poker players and the huge increase of poker rooms.

With more choice came more competition, with more competition came better bonusses.

What is a poker bonus?

The bonus is designed to attract you to the site! They want your business.

In most cases, the bonus is a load of free cash, but sometimes you can also get exclusive offers like VIP freerolls etc.

Free Cash? How much??

What you get depends on your first deposit and is generally limited, but it all depends on the room you’re registering with.

Here is an example: A site says they offer you 100% bonus up to $500
This means that they will give you 100% of your first deposit up to a maximum of 500. So:

  • - Deposit $50, get a $50 bonus
  • - Deposit $500, get a $500 bonus

But if you deposit $1,000, you will STILL get a $600 bonus

How do I sign up for it?

If you’re ready to roll, then grab a bonus code either from Pokerworks or from wherever you see one that is attractive to you.  However, please make sure to spent the time and read the fine print on the bonus rules before you sign up.

Some poker rooms require you to put in a bonus code when you sign up w

Some poker rooms have special arrangements that don’t require a bonus code. If you spot one on Pokerworks that says “USE LINK”, the simply click on the link and register to make your first deposit.

So when do I get my Bonus?

Those of you with the old school thinking of depositing $600 with Full Tilt and then withdrawing $1,200 five minutes later can put your scheming on hold. It’s for that reason that poker rooms don’t give you your bonus as a lump sum up front.

Instead you earn it by playing poker.

All poker rooms now give out loyalty points to their members, and your bonus is paid when a certain amount of loyalty points have been reached. The number of loyalty points that you need depend on the room that you’re playing at.

While most rooms, will pay your bonus in one lump sum (once you’ve reached the required number of loyalty points), there are sites like Full Tilt and Titan Poker who pay out their bonuses in increments.

What this means is that for every ‘x’ number of loyalty points you earn, you’ll get $10 of your bonus paid to you. That’s basically great news, because you don’t have to wait for ages to see your bankroll increase. It also means that if you don’t complete your bonus (see below), then you’re still left with some cash in your back pocket.

Is there Anything else I should know?

Just make sure you are aware of the following:

  • - The poker room you sign up to will give you a time period to earn your loyalty points in. This varies from room to room so check out bonus listings to find one that you think is best for you.
  • - Remember there may be a minimum deposit required for you to take part in a poker room’s bonus scheme. Don’t worry, it isn’t a huge amount. Again, it will vary from site to site, but generally speaking $20 will be enough to qualify you for a bonus

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