The 10 Most Popular Poker Lucky Charms

Test the Lucky Charms! Any of the above Lucky Charm Images will take you to a random Poker Room. Click on your lucky charm, sign up and see if Lady Luck is with you!

While Poker games, such as Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha involve skill in the way you use your cards, bet and bluff, and read other people, there is still a large chunk of luck involved. We’ve probably all experienced that evening where we’ve had unbelievably poor hands, and have watched our stash bleed away in blinds and unsuccessful mega-bluffs. Most people may not declare that they are superstitious, or believe you can woo Lady Luck, but few Poker players would go out of their way to be “unlucky”, for example by walking under a ladder on the way to a game, putting their shoes on the table, opening an umbrella indoors.
Here is a list of some of the most popular superstitions and lucky charms that try to entice Lady Luck to bestow her charms on your Poker hands:

1- Wearing an item of lucky clothing- anything from a favourite T-shirt to socks, garters, and even underpants/knickers. Most people choose an article that was being worn when they had some good fortune.

2- A lucky charm – Charms whether old or new, come in all shapes and sizes. It may be a small heirloom or trinket that’s been in the family and passed down through the generations. Jewellery is the most popular with necklaces and rings topping the list, but there are others. A friend of mine always took to big Poker games a small jar containing his pickled little finger, which was severed in a factory accident many years ago! Yuk!

3- Black cat – This can be both lucky and unlucky. In the UK King Charles I had a black cat he believed to be very lucky. It was protected day and night by his guards. Didn’t stop him from losing his head though! Again, an image, or artefact of a cat, is generally sufficient. Felines are not generally welcome at Poker Games! 4- A lucky Horseshoe- Very traditional and still very popular. It’s considered lucky because of the basic elements the horseshoe is made of – fire and iron. Few gamblers carry a real horseshoe- too bulky- but have a miniature one, often made of brass or gold.

5- Four leaf clover- Lucky because Eve carried it from the Garden of Eden. Not a real one- they shrivel up pretty quickly once picked!

6- Money bag – Money- usually coins- contained in a drawstring bag, or purse. That’s because it’s always been thought that money attracts money. Some gamblers have purses or bags made out of exotic animal skin, such as leopard or crocodile.

7- Lucky number 7 – From cultures all around the world the number 7 has many lucky features. Quite a few Poker players have rings or pendants with this number on it. For Chinese gamblers, the lucky number is 8.

8- Charm bracelet – A charm bracelet is an easy way of wearing a few of your luckiest charms at once. That should increase your chances of being lucky! It has the advantage of you being able to add charms easily- or even take off those that have ceased to be lucky!

9- Lucky tattoo. The image, number or words will usually be of something else lucky. A tattoo has the advantage that you’ll never forget to take it with you to a game!

10- A lucky mannerism. This could be tapping of the table, or a scratching of cards in a certain way, or touching your left ear-lobe. I had a Poker-playing friend who you say the word “Ni!” from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It started as a joke, but then he found he was unlucky if he didn’t say it once an hour!

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