Online poker too big a gamble

Online poker too big a gamble
But proposals to legalize and regulate online poker within the state aren't worth the projected extra revenue. Legalized online poker is not only unlikely to reign in illegal play, it likely would increase the risk for gambling addiction.
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Online Poker Bill Could Reduce Funding for Lottery Scholarships
presented to Congress, HR2366 – Internet Gambling Prohibition, Poker Consumer Protection, and Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2011, railing against an the 2006 law banning online gambling; however, now there are many state governors arguing that it will …
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Full Tilt Poker to be Resurrected Soon
By Renee | February 4, 2012 Full Tilt Poker, which was almost destroyed following the incidents of April 15, 2011, a day commonly referred to as Black Friday in the online poker gaming world, is on the verge of being resurrected.
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