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N.J. Legislature could bypass voters on online poker bill, expert testifies
State voters in 1976 approved a ballot question that gave Atlantic City that unique status on gambling, aside from horse racing and the state lottery. Wefing said that the law memorializing that decision was “broad” in terms of what sort of gambling …

Packer donation is unethical, says Wilkie
"For one of the Australia's richest men, one of our biggest operators of poker machines and other forms of gambling, to hand over $ 250000 to a cross bencher at the time the parliament is considering poker machine regulation is deeply unethical and …
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Public Humiliation For Indonesian Lottery Gamblers
Five Indonesian men got a taste of Sharia law after being caught gambling recently, and on Friday were publicly caned in front of hundreds of cheering locals. Apparently, two of the men had been responsible for selling the lottery tickets, …
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Casino capitalism: As gambling spreads, metaphor becomes reality
By Daniel Denvir Though Wall Street's brand of “casino capitalism” crashed the American economy in 2008, American capitalists are making a growing profit from real-life casino gambling: commercial (or non-Indian) casinos have generated nearly $ 98 …
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