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PokerStars Launch MicroMillions Series
When the big poker sites run their online festivals there is usually huge excitement and anticipation surrounding them partly because there are a series of high-stakes tournaments with astronomical prize pools on offer. These are all well and good but …

Is Online Poker Sexy?
By John W | Mar 01, 2012 An ad for online poker site 888 that appeared on television in the UK on October 8, 2011, was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The ad showed a man turning on a webcam on his computer.
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Jacksonville Greyhound Racing And Poker To Become BestBet
by Julio Rodriguez | Published: Feb 29, 2012 | On Thursday, Jacksonville Greyhound Racing and Poker will officially become BestBet Jacksonville. The North Florida facility will open with 70 poker tables, making it the largest in the state, …

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