2 Stories That Make You Fall In Love With Poker All Over Again

We switch on the laptop or the PC, we log on, and log in, and join a table and we play Poker in an online casino. We win, or we lose, or we break even. Sometimes the games are exciting, other times you get a brace of poor cards dealt you and it’s not quite as exciting. Sometimes people make you laugh or get you frustrated if they post a comment during or at the end of games. Same goes for face-to-face poker with your mates or in competitions. But on occasions there’s something of a story to tell- whether someone going apoplectic because of the run of play, or an unbelievable bluff that comes off, or winning with a Jack high car I like Poker-related stories and always look out for them, so here are two real and recent Poker-related stories to make you laugh, smile, tut, or cry “shame”:

Two people: Erick Lindgren and Dane Cook.

Erick Lindgren, known as E-Dog, a well-known poker player and member of “Team Full Tilt”.

Erick won his first WSOP bracelet in the $5,000 Mixed Hold’em event in the 2008 WSOP. He went on to capture the 2008 WSOP Player of the Year. He’s even written a book: “World Poker Tour(TM): Making the Final Table”. Having earned over $7 million in career tournament earnings, don’t look for this Team Full Tilt member to stop his winning ways anytime soon.

Step up to the mark Dane Cook: Dane is a stand-up comedian who has appeared in movies such as “Employee of the Month” and “Good Luck Chuck”. He has released 5 comedy albums and was one of the first comedians to build up a personal fan base through his own web page.

Commentators in a variety of media sources have characterized Dane Cook’s humour as unfunny, and there have been allegations of plagiarism. In 2010, Cook auditioned for the role of Captain America for Captain America: The First Avenger, although the director, Joe Johnston, did not have him on the short list for the part.

So where was the match? Erick Lindgren and some of his buddies decided to check out Dane Cook at one of his comedy shows. After 10-15 minutes, Lindgren and company decided that Cook wasn’t very funny, so they decided to leave. They didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so they tried to exit as quietly as they could.


At this point, Cook noticed that they were leaving the venue and screamed “Where the hell are you all going?”  Astounded by this heckle-in-reverse, Lindgren responded that they were going to go down the street to try and find a funny comedian to watch.

Cook told the group to “walk back out that door to the unemployment line”. At this point, Lindgren mentioned that he is in fact unemployed, and that he makes more money than Cook does! Security had intervened at this point, and were aggressively escorting Lindgren and his friends out of the building.

Lindgren later confirmed on Full Tilt Poker that this did in fact take place, and that he had gotten into a verbal confrontation with Dane Cook. This incident led to a discussion online of who in fact had more money, Dane Cook or Erick Lindgren.

Erick Lindgren was one of the original investors/stakeholders in Full Tilt Poker, backs many successful cash game and tournament players, and has over $7 million dollars in lifetime tournament winnings. I’ve also heard from multiple sources that Lindgren is very smart with his money, and has many business interests. While Cook definitely has a lot of green-folding too, it would only have been if he’s have got the Captain America part that he might have won the battle of who has most money.

Perhaps they should settle their differences by Erick having a go at stand up and Dale entering a WSOP tournament!

Story number two relates to Josh “JJProdigy” Field.  He  has been booted from yet another site.Cake Poker has apparently banned the infamous JJProdigy from their site. He is now banned from practically every major online poker room, including Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker. That’s some way to go boy!! According to Field, Cake Poker banned him for letting someone else play on his account.


Field goes on to say that he felt as though Cake Poker was closely monitoring his account, and that they were looking for the smallest infraction as a reason to toss him off of the site. “JJProdigy” made headlines in early 2006 when he was caught multi-accounting on Party Poker. He won the Party 500k Guaranteed under an account of “ablackcar”, but it was later revealed that he had also entered his “JJProdigy” account into the event as well.

He initially claimed that he was taking over for his Grandma, but later admitted that this was a lie. He was subsequently banned from a number of the major online sites, including Full Tilt Poker, Pokerstars and Party Poker. I wonder what his Grandma thought?

He returned to the headlines a few months ago when Pokerstars took the step of banning a number of players that had ties to Field. A number of players were apparently “helping” Field to continue to play on the site. Field was playing under a number of different accounts that were either dormant or borrowed, and his friends were assisting in the transfer of funds in and out of Field’s accounts. In fact I remember playing early one morning when one of the players at my table claimed to be JJProdigy. I think he must have been lying, because this was only the 10c/20c table!

“JJProdigy” has publicly admitted that he continued to multi-account on these aforementioned sites long after they had banned them. Well at least he’s got the guts to admit he was infringing the rules. But will he do it again? Well on past form, yes. He’s neither liked nor respected among poker players, although every now and then he’ll pitch up at an event and get some limelight, like here at an Australian Poker Event.

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