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It’s taken some while to get mobile Poker readily accepted on mobiles. While the transition from face-to-face poker schools to online gaming from your PC and lap-top occurred relatively quickly, the leap in ownership (and functionality) of mobile phones hasn’t been matched by a growth in poker apps. Until now. It’s as though someone has switched a light on above the Poker table. With powerful large-screen smartphones and tablets, there are a lot of companies vying to grab your attention and let you play your favourite poker games live while you’re on the move.


Compared to many other mobile phone games, you don’t need a top-of-the-range phone to enjoy poker. Because you only need to see your cards, the bets, and the table, there’s no humungous number-crunching going on or swish graphics that are going to burn up your memory or your battery life. All you need is a reliable provider and some money- and a love of the game of course!

So what does mobile Poker do? It uses mobile devices to instantly access web-enabled, multi-player games and tournaments online. That means you can play when you’re on the bus or train, waiting in a pub or restaurant for a friend, or during your lunch break at work. It means that you can play Poker with real other players at a time that suits you, not just when you are at home in front of your PC, or when you’re playing live at the local Club.

Most of the online providers of mobile poker have tried to create a simulation as close to a live Poker game as possible. Try 888 poker mobile and see for yourself. Quick, in real-time, and with realistic movement of chips and  game sounds, such as chips clanking on the table, and cards being shuffled, you are quickly drawn in to the game, and reality about you fades- so don’t forget to keep an eye on the time or get off at your right stop!

As with all gambling, be it online or not, you have to set yourself a limit and gamble sensibly. There are tables to suit all pockets and all of the most popular games of Poker are represented. Most sites also have clear rules for the game, as well as any particular rules and etiquette exclusive to a particular site.

Has your Poker appetite been whetted? Then here are the main steps to be taken to get you fixed up and playing Poker on the move:

  •  Select a poker site such as 888 poker. Take time to browse through them and see what they have to offer. If you’re new to the game, you’ll probably want one that has a clear tutorial, dummy games (against bots) where you won’t lose any money while learning. Look out for special joining offers.
  • Create your account, register, deposit some money and take the bonuses on offer. These usually add money to that deposited to give you a larger stake.
  •  You may have an app to download onto your pad, tablet or phone, while others have no download.
  •  Next up, choose your table that has a “seat open” button and away you go. Some sites allow you to play more than one table at the same time- but just don’t get confused between them and fold that pair of aces by mistake!


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