Don’t Be A Poker Tournament Fool

Do you ever learn the final table prizes after your online poker tournament starts? If you have, you in all probability also noticed that after a few quick hands there are one or two tournament chip leaders who already hold a big chips stack. For some players this may in reality make them feel like they are falling too far behind even though the tournament just began.

In the early stages of a tournament, you should only be paying attention to your table and the blind structure. Sure you may still just have your 1500 starting chips, but you likely still have a considerable advantage to finish in the tournament   The reason for this is because the chip leaders are often chip leaders in spite of their play, not because of it.  They were simply careless enough to get engaged in a narrow situation and come out on the happy end of a multiway pot.  It’s not special to see players flip their hands over, in all-in confrontations on the 1st or 2nd hand of the tournament holding stupid hands like seven-ten off suit, pocket dueces, ace-three suited even. You know, because you have seen it too.

You see the psychology of some of these online poker players who risk their entire stack early is that they want to double or triple up or simply just not play because they don’t think it’s worthwhile and they don’t have the patience, stamina or experience to play in a situation that offers them much better chances. It is true that sometimes good players will stack up early too and they will do it with cards like pocket Queens, Kings and aces. But normally when a big stack jumps out of the gate it’s a direct result of online foolishness.

If one of these players is at your table then be prepared, because the odds of you pulling in some of those lucky wins in his stack have significantly increased.  Weak opponents sometimes get chips making giant misplays, and lose just as many chips making huge errors later in the game. It’s in your interest to encourage these players to keep playing the same way because they will sponsor your way to the bigger prizes in tournaments on a regular basis.

True there are circumstances where sometimes lousy players come out as even bigger stacks and run good enough to win some money in the tournament, however that is rare. Their typical “strategy” is to spew thier entire chip lead withing the first hour or two.  If you are fortuitous enough to have one of these poker fools in your table, don’t let them torment you with their enormous luck. Merely keep complimenting them on the nice hands they played, while realizing you are likely to get some of those chips yourself.

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