Good Players Don’t Complain Using The Chat Box In The Online Poker Room

Some online poker players feel the need to complain when they lose a pot. They actually think that complaining will make them feel superior about what just happened.. Complaining is simply bad karma. Since it cannot help your strategy to engage in complaining, then you have to start asking yourself why you are doing it.

The players that complain online are losers. Mentally and financially. If you want to become a positive ROI player online, this is one of those practices you need to eradicate immediately. This doesn’t mean talking about dissing yourself, to yourself. I am referring to using the chat box to criticize or insult your opponents’ decisions.

More often than you think, you are in the wrong anyway, and your opponents play may very well have been correct. Even if it wasn’t, what would be the benefit to having them uncover} something about their lack of understanding of the game? These very players that you feel the need to lash out at, are the same players that make the game profitable for educated poker strategists.

Argumentative discussion will also spur edgy feelings at the table and may create divisions amongst other players there who choose to join in the conversation. If you feel upset at the table, you will make additional poor decisions while also exposing your own tactical philosophy to the rest of your opponents. Ask yourself, how can this help you? It cannot.

The way to eliminate complaining to other poker players is simply to not talk and keep your disdain to yourself. Once you are able to abstain consistently from complaining to them, you will find very little yearning to do it to yourself and ultimately build up a winning attitude whereby your only desire for contact with your money-losing opponents will be, “good hand”.

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