Limping In Poker Tournaments

You know you have limped in no limit tournaments, just like everybody else. Limping seems weak, because usually the act of calling waives control of the hand to somebody else at the table.  But is limping a viable strategy when all of the poker advice you hear about these days always slants to play more aggressive?

Surely, as in all poker situations the answer is of course “it depends”. There is absolutely, a reason to limp in definite situations.  The problem with limping however, is that inexperienced players tend to do it too much, and from the wrong position. Repeated limping in early position in online poker tournament is a formula for a poor strategy..

There are 2 big factors that make early position limping pricey.  One is the unpredictability of opponents who are yet to act behind you.  Oftentimes you will be forced to call a raise because you have committed yourself to a proper mathematical call, with a average strength hand.  In the early stages of the tournament you should not really be paying too much attention to mathematically correct calls.  It is much more strategic to maintain your stack and wait for more lucrative situations.

Don’t forget that limping with weak hands will also result in the wide majority of flops not helping your hand whatsoever.  This gives way to your adversaries taking control of the hand, you getting stuck in an overpriced bluffing game, or are you having to involve yourself in a difficult decision.

Now you can use limping to your advantage nonetheless, and this is nearly always done in position or in an effort to set a trap. Strong players in fact, will use this as a tactic with the intent of out-playing their opponents after the flop, while utilising pot control and profiling. Still however, if your normal starting chips are only fifteen hundred you’ll won’t have much room to pull this off, so strategically, limping is best in order to keep your costs low.

Low blind limping can often be ascribed to players holding smaller pairs, suited connectors or weak aces. So if you’re in late position and you have a big pair or a strong ace you should be trying to take control of the pot by raising pre-flop. Usually a continuation bet is going to win the hand for you.

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