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The first 5/7 cards you receive will be the foundation of your hand. Build your strategy around these. You’re not likely to better your opening hand.

Don’t pretend that your some big time poker player unless you have the bankroll to back it up. The experts agree that you should start with at least 50 times the table limit.

You must expect to lose the pot unless you believe you have the best hand going in.

Set a goal of winning between 50 to 100% of a single-session bankroll. Then set aside your original bankroll plus half your winnings. Now play with the remainder and continue to set aside additional winnings.

Discipline is not only a significant part of being a successful gambler but probably the most important element of money management. You must set loss limits and win goals. Example: When losing half your session bankroll you walk, and when doubling your money, consider doing the same.

If you’re having a bad time at the tables, take a break. Call your opponent or opponents when you believe your hand is good enough to win, not merely because you expect a bluff.

Be sure you know the rules of the game. The player who knows the rules has a decided advantage in any game against players who are vague about them.

Have patience and don’t let yourself go on tilt.

Never bring your entire bankroll with you to one gambling session. You need to have a daily gambling budget. Start by dividing your bankroll by the number of days you’ll be gambling. Then divide your daily bankroll into the number of sessions you will be playing each day. This is now your single-session bankroll. Don’t bet tomorrow’s money until tomorrow comes.

Treat every round of betting as if it were the first. Forget the previous betting rounds and the money you have contributed to the pot.

Observe your opponents; learn their poker mannerisms. Are they loose or tight players? And avoid giveaway mannerisms of your own. When you’re in a losing streak, don’t let yourself get panicky. The more reckless you feel, the wiser it is to get away from the table at once. A player plunging to recoup losses or an excited player is a poker player at his worst.

Bet your big hands to the hilt and make every active player pay to see your hand.

It is better to sacrifice your small early bets then to rope yourself into a betting war with a seasoned pro.

Don’t play in a game that is too tough for you (opponents are much better) or too high for your bankroll (if you can’t afford to lose, you can’t play your best).

Play a game with which you are familiar. This will give you a chance to acclimate to online poker without feeling at sea.

In Texas Hold’em, you can bet with an ace or two minor over cards on the flop, but you should fold if someone raises your bet. If someone bets before you on the flop you can call with two over cards, but fold them at the turn unless your hand improves then.

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