Poker Cash Games – Playing Scared and Playing The Boss

You may have noticed that most of the pro poker players you see on Tv Sets commonly have good control of their feelings at the table.  But the real achievers in poker always seem to be able to make the better play because they can bear down and concentrate on strategy, and not respond on the charged factors that will lead them costly errors.

If you play a lot of no-limit hold’em cash games, not having emotional command can rub out your bankroll in a night. Big pot no-limit games can be quite nerve-racking, particularly when you drop a huge pot to a stupid player who sucks out on you. Naive players may resort to two diametrically opposed reactions: playing scared and playing the boss.

Playing scared is always destructive, but it is absolutely deadly in no limit hold’em.  You will likely commit errors such as to check when you should bet, call when you should raise, and make slim bets and raises when you should be making large aggressive moves. Playing like a mouse will prevent you from getting full value from your strong hands, and you will regularly get rivered because you give off cut-rate or free cards.  You will also get bluffed repeatedly.

Playing boss is the bold over reaction, and it is super destructive.  Countless stacks have been lost by people who overplayed their hands just to show to themselves, or other participants that you will not be bullied.

No limit is a very stressful game at times, and because you haven’t confronted some of those situations you may be ill prepared to hold them.  You just won’t know what to do so quickly when someone raises you all in and you have to decide for thousands of daoolars what to do.  Good players will always be forcing you to make hard decisions, and they will over and over again test your emotional reactions.

If you choose the wrong level of competition, you may grow so frustrated that you’ll give up on texas hold’em cash games before seeing whether it is correct for you or not.  Alternatively, if you select the correct ones, you may start winning almost immediately, and you will for certain feel more comfortable and get better results.

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